OFFICE / Workplace Interiors

Smart spaces for productive work.

We understand that today’s workplace must put people at the core of the design process and solution. Learning our client’s unique brand, drivers and stories—infused with our research and vision—allows us to build a solution meticulously and strategically tailored to your culture and aspirations. We believe that the greatest workspaces support and empower the very best ideas, maximize productivity, and function seamlessly—all while supporting health and wellness. We anchor our workplace design solutions in four key principles: engagement, empowerment, effectiveness, and experience.

Long gone are the days of stale, colorless office buildings. Now, companies desire workplaces that are youthful and lifestyle-oriented to help them attract talent and inspire current employees. This is true even if they are located in high-end, multi-tenant properties, like Fox Tower in downtown Portland. Our clients, the building owners, asked us to transform a hard-to-lease space into a memorable and lively amenity area for all of their tenants to enjoy. Our interior design team brought tropical warmth and earthiness to the rainy Pacific Northwest with a bold, staycation themed lounge space. Room to relax, meet in small groups, host happy hours, and admire 25th floor views of the city make it the perfect after (or during) work retreat.