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We understand that today’s workplace must put people at the core of the design process and solution. Learning our client’s unique brand, drivers and stories—infused with our research and vision—allows us to build a solution meticulously and strategically tailored to your culture and aspirations. We believe that the greatest workspaces support and empower the very best ideas, maximize productivity, and function seamlessly—all while supporting health and wellness. We anchor our workplace design solutions in four key principles: engagement, empowerment, effectiveness, and experience.

Removed from local services in Everett, Washington, Community Transit’s Merrill Creek building goes the extra mile to support its employees by bringing amenities and community to them. Because there are no services within walking distance of the site, the layout and structure of Merrill Creek steps up to provide employees with much needed amenities for them to take advantage of in their down time. There are so many choices to enjoy, in fact, that additional space was added to the structure to allow the inclusion of a fitness area, among other niceties. Splashes of blue and golden rod in lockers, tiling, and light fixtures link the space to Community Transit’s headquarters and compliment their overall branding, reinforcing the sense of community that is inherent between coworkers. Soft corners welcome employees and encourage them to feel at home in their respite from work. Visual cues and references to the surrounding environment are felt through allusions to the namesake Merrill Creek in overhead light fixtures, and the incorporation of natural materials like wood throughout common spaces and walkways that nod to the region’s logging and timber industries. The Great Hall, which cuts through the heart of the building, is wide enough to accommodate multiple artisan booths for exclusive, miniature markets, bazaars, or informational fairs for employees to enjoy since they're unable to attend other markets in the community during work hours or in-between shifts. In all of Merrill Creek’s corridors and corners, thoughtful elements and design intentions celebrate and strengthen the community in and around Community Transit.