OFFICE / Landlord

Stewards of your investment.

Whether you need to reposition your property to attract and retain tenants, improve building performance, or need ongoing building/tenant design support, our team of designers, architects, and brand specialists are committed to maintaining your building’s soul while maximizing its value. Our repositioning work seeks to revitalize and improve the existing fabric of the community by providing enhanced street-front user experiences, approachable and comfortable amenity spaces, and barrier-free design, all while differentiating your property and increasing your return on investment. Understanding that your tenants are your most valuable asset, we will partner with you to identify and support their needs now and in the future.

This is the story of transformation from an under-utilized retail space to the new standard in Class-A office amenity space. Our Interior Design and Brand teams worked in tandem to provide hospitality-inspired interiors, signage, environmental graphics, wayfinding and interactive digital for the ground floor lobby, amenity lounge, conference center, fitness and bike storage area. An interactive art installation by German artist Patrik Huebner uses generative algorithms to react to sounds and motions happening within the bar space—capturing the energy and vision for a branded, modern amenity experience.