Hands-on design for healing.

We are visionary designers driven by passion to continuously elevate the end goal: integrated environments that heal. Precisely designing for each process, we plan for essential healthcare operations that integrate, efficiently and smoothly, to make people better. We shape our design process around each client’s needs and project requirements, using Lean-inspired methodologies with our partner clients. Bringing together tested expertise from other market sectors, our focus is on both patient wellbeing and operational efficiency while balancing technical requirements. Highly responsive teams integrate stakeholder expertise with interior design and architecture to develop solutions that best serve patient paths to wellness. We design for healing.

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Home—safe, loving, sheltered—is intrinsically connected to our overall health and well-being. From the moment Central City Concern’s revolutionary Blackburn Center opened, Portland’s most vulnerable had a new, safe home to reclaim their lives. Using “home” as our guiding principle, we designed Blackburn Center to integrate both modern housing and in-house clinical services under one roof. It is one of only five centers in North America to combine healthcare, pharmaceutical services, retail, and supportive and palliative care housing for people experiencing homelessness. Each level mirrors a person's pathway to healing—from clinical treatment at the ground floor to independent living at the top floors—and supports every stage of recovery. Blackburn Center gives about 3,000 patients per year access to employment services, housing placement, and complementary clinic services. AIA awarded Blackburn Center the 2018 AIA/AAH Healthcare Design Award, recognizing our contributions to one of the best healthcare centers in the nation.