On the Boards.


These projects represent our teams’ most exciting work. This is where our hearts and heads are today: Our creative and technical expertise applied to creating more vibrant, human-centered, and meaningful places.

Located in an area historically connected to America’s first post-war shopping mall and physically connected to the rest of Seattle by light rail, the Northgate neighborhood has been experiencing renewed attention as the site of a new urban neighborhood, evolving from a conventional shopping mall into a vibrant new community. As the first phase of the transformation from a park-and-ride lot to a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) that will connect the new light rail system throughout the neighborhood, Northgate Affordable Housing establishes a destination for growing families and working individuals alike, setting the tone for the future of the neighborhood as a more connected and sustainable community. As affordable family housing, Northgate aims to provide 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments to the people who need them most in an area where there are few options for low-cost accommodation. As part of this mission, 27 of Northgate’s 235 units are dedicated to veterans who may need supplementary support. Even with an efficient, budget-minded design, a dynamic patterned exterior was created to reflect the movement of buses and light rail transit lines near the site. Colorful murals, connected sightlines, a courtyard sanctuary, and community-oriented amenities and services support residents inside, encouraging feelings of safety, comfort, and support.

Collaborating on a highly personal project that their own family would eventually occupy, the Pillar and Reel families sought to create a legacy property in the heart of Seattle: a high-rise tower that looks and feels like a custom home. Ankrom Moisan will bring this vision to life with a 28-story high-rise in Seattle’s lovely South Lake Union neighborhood. In a nod to the family’s logging background, and inspired by phototropism, the building turns to face the lush, forested views of Denny Park just across the street, much as a plant turns to face the sun.

In 2014, we submitted a conceptual design study to long-time Portland developer Arthur Mutual for a prominent site in the central city. With an intimate understanding of the site’s history and future potential, we flipped their initial placement of a new high-rise hotel and office with a plan to reunify the surrounding neighborhood–the Yamhill Historic District and the Municipal Governance District. Happy with the bold move, Arthur Mutal brought us on board to bring the development to life. The sister building, 250 Taylor office received the 2019 CRE Transformer Award from the Portland Business Journal. Designed in dark brick to echo the neighborhood’s historic aesthetic, the profile of the tower transforms the pedestrian experience from blocks away. Inside, a premier restaurant, ballroom, and rooms for 250 guests will reform the neighborhood. A discreet entrance to an exclusive rooftop deck harkens to the area’s speakeasy roots, where the first-ever rooftop pool in the city sits alongside an outdoor social venue overlooking the surrounding urban landscape and peak of Mount Hood beyond.

In the heart of Seattle, on one of the most beautiful sites in the city, our design for this 14-story high-rise hotel brings unique and much-needed lodging to Pikes Place Market and its 10 million annual visitors. And why shouldn’t a new hotel in such an iconic location feel just as soulful and vibrant—just as culturally Seattle—as the local purveyors and colorful fish-slingers that make up the soul of the Market? Our boutique hotel gives visitors the full Market experience through ground-floor retail and a second-story restaurant overlooking the historic, street-level vibe of First and Pike, and a rooftop bar/lounge that takes full advantage of Elliott Bay’s stunning views. Responding to the singular character of this living, breathing community while celebrating its position at one of Seattle’s busiest intersections, our design will respectfully bring gorgeous new life to First and Pike.

For this gorgeous 44-story residential high rise in Seattle’s Belltown, we researched sun exposure, views, and site adjacencies to learn how to draw sunlight deep within the lower levels of the building and maximize outdoor access, both from units and within the amenities. Our design concept manifests in this twisting tower that, straightening as it descends, transitions into a podium with 5,700 sq. ft. of engaging retail shops. Inside, a completely different design concept both reflects and transcends this multicultural neighborhood in this international city—a series of interior experiences that melds traditional expressions of pan-Asian arts and craft with vigorously modern expressions of urban life.