OFFICE / Corporate

Fully integrated culture.

An incremental design approach helps control decision-making and builds consensus along the way. Our design team integrates architecture, interiors, and urban design fluidly and skillfully through the process to focus on interior needs—for occupants and their experiences—and exterior needs, for the site and connections. The architecture is developed where these two approaches meet. Here, we find the phenomena that help us deliver unique and productive workplace cultures to owners.

A fifth-generation Portland family business, Harder Mechanical needed a new, modern headquarters to last them for another 80 years. Because reinvention tends to be part of their business—they gain expertise in the newest processes, be it mill work or high-tech manufacturing, and periodically transform themselves along the way—they were looking explicitly for an innovative showcase office. After learning who they are, how they view their work, and what they needed in a collaborative working session, our design encompasses a beautiful, durable brick building using renewable cross-laminated timber (CLT). The new Harder Mechanical building will last for decades, aligning with and improving the Elliott neighborhood in a way that’s both timeless and exceedingly modern.