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From small start-ups to ground-up campuses, our award-winning office designs are intuitive, adaptive, and inspirational environments that support an organization’s most important assets: talent and brand. We rigorously research operational needs, strategic user behavior, market position, and organizational culture to design what our clients need and employees want. By anticipating future operational and technology requirements, we boost productivity and wellness by creating innovative workplaces that encourage cultural values, collaboration, and adaptability and keep you ahead of the trends. We dream big and deliver excellence.

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OFFICE Project List

A fifth-generation Portland family business, Harder Mechanical needed a new, modern headquarters to last them for another 80 years. Because reinvention tends to be part of their business—they gain expertise in the newest processes, be it mill work or high-tech manufacturing, and periodically transform themselves along the way—they were looking explicitly for an innovative showcase office. After learning who they are, how they view their work, and what they needed in a collaborative working session, our design encompasses a beautiful, durable brick building using renewable cross-laminated timber (CLT). The new Harder Mechanical building will last for decades, aligning with and improving the Elliott neighborhood in a way that’s both timeless and exceedingly modern.