Uplifting the experience of aging.

Imagine environments built around living, around human connection, lifestyle, and health. Imagine welcoming places designed to support the entire spectrum of aging. This is our work: purposeful and sensitive, both to our partners’ visions and to residents’ needs. We help create a future that celebrates generational diversity, where age-friendly environments are baseline and where design focuses on removing barriers to aging above all else. We apply the full depth and breadth of our experience from senior living and hospitality, retail, restaurants, hospitals, and community centers. Our highest ambition is founded in jointly finding the best solutions with our clients: Homes where people want to live, restaurants where they want to eat, communities where they want to stay.

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After decades away, the senior-citizen alumni of Arizona State University are returning to live and learn on campus again. Mirabella ASU, the “largest dormitory on campus,” will be their home. Part condo, part luxury hotel, this 20-story high-rise is the first of its kind in the world. Seniors won’t just live on campus; they’ll be part of it. Lifelong learning and intergenerational connection are the forces driving this new Mirabella senior living community. Residents will attend classes across campus, and within the high-rise, share a library and art school with ASU students. And with memory care, skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living all under one roof, they’ll have the care they need at every stage of life. This unprecedented design was challenging, especially given the project’s extreme location in the Sonoran Desert and its highly complex programming. But with our integrated experience in Senior Living, Hospitality, Higher Education, and climate-responsive design, we joined Pacific Retirement Services to create a place that every senior will be proud (and comfortable) to call home.