Photo of Willamette View
Photo of Willamette View
Photo of Willamette View
Photo of Willamette View
Photo of Willamette View

Willamette View

Clarity of Movement

Willamette View, founded in 1955, is a licensed continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located on 27 acres beside the Willamette River, just south of Portland, OR. Over decades of serving aging populations, their campus organically grew into a complex, interconnected network of care facilities, residential units, internal private streets, parking areas, and pedestrian pathways. But this growth lacked cohesion, with visitors and residents alike having trouble navigating the campus. Willamette View needed more focused, functional navigation and wayfinding, and they wanted to better reflect their surrounding residential environment while reinforcing their brand identity. To solve these issues, Ankrom Moisan created a comprehensive design that aligns buildings of different functions, from different eras. We developed and deployed singular, coherent brand elements and gestures throughout Willamette View’s campus, clarifying circulation and destination with a widely accessible, easy-to-understand design language. Now, anyone on campus, from first-time visitors to longtime residents, ride-share and delivery drivers, staff, or healthcare providers, is guided, reassured, and engaged. We crafted each moment to deliver the most functional utility and branded emotion, grounding people as they move through Willamette View.

Portland, Oregon
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Brand: Sara Van Dyke

Brand Story

From the community, inward

Willamette View originally contacted our Ankrom Moisan Brand team with a simple request: design signage and wayfinding for their new North Pointe building. Walking the campus with the client, our discussion expanded to their deeper need for branded, clarified wayfinding and signage. We began by identifying groups of users on the campus, their behaviors and goals, how current wayfinding did not serve their needs, and our recommendations for interventions that would. We studied traffic patterns, color, type size and driving speed, contrast, use of light, and signage rules established by Clackamas County. Along the way, we built a scale model of the Willamette View campus to help our client explore color and zoning, and we worked with our Visualization team to create professional 3D renderings of signage families. The result: High-contrast, brand-aligned signs that permit maximum visibility and a simple, cohesive wayfinding system that breaks the complicated inner campus into easily navigable sections. The new signs and wayfinding system align with county requirements, making sure that our client can easily build and permit their new signs—while meeting the broad range of abilities and needs among their users.