Architecture Photo of Verdant Community  Wellness Center
Architecture Photo of Verdant Community  Wellness Center
Architecture Photo of Verdant Community  Wellness Center
Architecture Photo of Verdant Community  Wellness Center
Architecture Photo of Verdant Community  Wellness Center
Architecture Photo of Verdant Community  Wellness Center

Verdant Community Wellness Center

Welcoming to Wellness

Verdant Health Commission strives to educate and empower individuals and families to take control of their own physical health and emotional wellbeing. Their vision was to convert a non-descript, dreary building into a warm, welcoming community hub for area residents. Our design transforms this 8,000 SF former bank building into a whimsical center that educates and engages the community. An inviting collection of spaces help people decompress, interact, and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. The renovated structure provides Verdant with a flexible program of spaces to meet the diverse needs of their community. The facility, which provides space for Verdant’s administrative, financial, and marketing teams, includes two large classrooms, several smaller conference rooms, consultation rooms, and a demonstration kitchen for teaching healthy cooking classes.

Lynwood, Washington
  • 1 story
  • 9,000 sq. ft.
  • Completed in 2015



Architecture: Mariah Kiersey

Interiors: Marcy Naismith

Architecture Story

Reoriented and Reimagined

A stand-alone bank once occupied the edge of an active strip mall in Northern Washington. Resembling a mini-fortress, the drab, painted concrete and weathered red brick truly embodied the feeling of a cold, rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. To rejuvenate this 8,000 SF building, our design team first considered how to reshape its entrance orientation. The site itself is located in a strip mall and faces a busy, auto-oriented street. Most people using the center will, however, arrive from the far side, where the parking lot is located. Our design resolved this front/back door conflict by reorienting the main entrance to the parking lot, retaining formal signage and a separate staff entrance on a dignified street side façade. What had been the cluttered service area and back door of the building is now the eye-catching public entrance. Smooth cedar clads the façade, forming an entry screen that welcomes clients. Prominent wood features throughout the building evoke Lynnwood’s cultural connections to agriculture and lush forests and serve as intuitive wayfinding elements. The Verdant Community Wellness Center fulfills a vital public service. With flexible learning, cooking, and consultation spaces, clients are empowered to become advocates for their personal wellbeing in a supportive and community-focused environment.


Interior Story

Flexible, Creative, and Functional

Reinvigorating the original bank’s dimly lit, muted colors, dark finishes, and dreary mood was top priority: Verdant needed a place that exuded health, vibrancy, and wellbeing. Bright blues and yellow/greens accentuate the unexpected, fractal-like geometry throughout, bringing a whimsical atmosphere to the interiors. A point of pride, Verdant’s demonstration kitchen educates people on beneficial eating habits to help them, and their loved ones, live a healthier life. Registered dietitians—a mainstay at the center—teach a range of classes from grocery shopping on a budget to preparing nutritious meals. On the main floor, patrons can visit the large presentation room for music therapy classes and events. A second-floor mezzanine perches over parts of the double-height space of the main floor. Our design works with the irregular shapes of the existing floor plan to create an engaging new layout that complements, instead of competes with, the bold finishes. Mindful of the client’s budget, our design uses conventional materials in unexpected ways. OSB plywood evokes the area’s cultural connections to agriculture and lush forests. These inexpensive, wood-based panels cut in angular designs create a faceted ceiling cascading through common spaces and into the main meeting room. The result recalls the leaves and fractal shadows cast by a tree canopy, while meandering hallways highlighted with green mimic a forest path. With community-focused programming, colorful finishes, and surprising forms, the design renovation gives the community of Lynnwood an empowering and unique place to developing lasting wellness practices.