Photo of Subtext + Local + Asterix
Photo of Subtext + Local + Asterix
Photo of Subtext + Local + Asterix
Photo of Subtext + Local + Asterix
Photo of Subtext + Local + Asterix
Photo of Subtext + Local + Asterix

Subtext + Local + Asterix

Responding to New Realities

When Collegiate Development Group, a tight-knit and passionate team of developers focused on creating best-in-class housing communities for college students nationwide, started to expand into young professional offerings, they realized that they also needed to expand their brand. What was the essence of their existing brand? How could they evolve it to encompass more than just student housing? What was their one brand truth to rally around, to help express their new, more powerful market presence? Through a series of extended conversations, Ankrom Moisan met with the CDG team, listened carefully, and asked pointed questions to help distill their essence into a new, durable brand platform—Subtext—that sets the basis for all their future young professional offerings. We designed Subtext's brand to fully express their passion to both consumers and business partners. Our immediate outputs include brand strategy, naming, identity design, and a robust user strategy. All designed to perfectly execute their one brand truth: Developing better ways for students and young professionals to live and connect.






Brand: Cody Barnickel

Brand Story

Tuned to Gen Z

What Subtext recognized is that available housing options for university students and young professionals is inadequate, at best. They saw a market opportunity to step in and deliver products that truly serve young adults as they begin their new life chapters. The questions were, how can Subtext make sure that their solutions are tuned to the needs of this emergent generation? How can their brand embrace the spirit of different locales, while practically delivering housing that's on-budget? And how can we build a new tailored brand that connects with a brand-wary audience? Answering the latter, Ankrom Moisan turned to targeted research, vetted insights, fluid experience frameworks, and smart creative translation. We dove deep into understanding Gen Z's desires, expectations, and anxieties. Our insights opened up wide and untapped opportunities, all of which we could evaluate against actual fact and Subtext's larger vision. A novel experience strategy emerged, one where creative execution pushes against practicality and preconception. The ongoing result: two responsive brands, CDG and Subtext. Each born of a new reality, objectively sound, and strategically dynamic.




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