Photo of Fisher's Landing TOD Master Plan
Photo of Fisher's Landing TOD Master Plan
Photo of Fisher's Landing TOD Master Plan
Photo of Fisher's Landing TOD Master Plan
Photo of Fisher's Landing TOD Master Plan

Fisher's Landing TOD Master Plan

A Regional Transit Hub Community

Park-and-Rides are traditionally created for cars—a place to park before hopping on public transit. When C-TRAN chose us to design an ambitious new model for Bus Transit-Oriented Development, we instead centered our model around what matters most: people. Working closely with the local community and the city, our master plan for Fisher’s Landing prioritizes the pedestrian experience and equitable access to transportation. The plan makes bus ridership an integral part of a healthy, equitable future for Vancouver and East County.

Vancouver, Washington
  • 7.1 acres sq. ft.





Planning: Will Grimm

Planning Story

Re-patterned for people.

The past was designed for people with cars. The future will be designed for all people. Guided by this principle, our master plan for C-TRAN's Fisher’s Landing Transit Center property addresses our communities’ needs beyond bus access by offering space for people to live, shop, and socialize. Located in Vancouver, Washington, on 164th Avenue, a major transportation corridor, the envisioned transit hub is close to trails, businesses, and residential communities. Our urban design team created a renewal plan and crafted a comprehensive market study outlining the opportunities for the area. We gathered extensive input from transit riders, residents and neighborhood associations, partner agency representatives, and local developers to fully understand needs, concerns, and possibilities. To turn the empty parking lot into a pedestrian-friendly destination, we worked with the city to address the need for new zoning, traffic patterns, transportation systems, and improved auto/pedestrian balance. Our master plan offers C-TRAN a clear roadmap to gain developer interest and skillfully phases expansion so buses can keep running at every stage. The development sets an equitable, pedestrian-oriented precedent for the entire transportation corridor, including affordable housing next to the transit, connections to open spaces, and a community park. The Fisher’s Landing Transit Center will be a destination that welcomes all—a model where the transit is where people live.