Photo of Charter Custom Homes
Photo of Charter Custom Homes
Photo of Charter Custom Homes
Photo of Charter Custom Homes
Photo of Charter Custom Homes

Charter Custom Homes

A New Approach for Seasoned Builders

Since their inception in 1983, custom-home builder Charter Construction has seen plenty of changes to their business mix. As their commercial segment grew to become the center of their offerings, the overall market perception of their custom-home services grew less clear. New clients began to primarily associate Charter Construction with commercial development, wondering why such a key player in that market would participate in custom-home builds. But Charter never questioned their deep expertise and passion for custom-home building. Nor their willing desire to disrupt the marketplace once again. To correct the market's misperception around their custom-home offering, Ankrom Moisan helped Charter Construction build a new approach with a newly focused team and brand: Charter Custom Homes. Through thorough research and stakeholder interviews with both architects and homeowners alike, we began seeing a clear picture of what to amplify and what to let go of—reigniting their passion for disruption, now supported by their unmatched seasoned expertise.






Brand: Cody Barnickel

Brand Story

A Signature Client Experience

Central to CCH's brand development was a repeatable, next-generation client experience that they could wholly own—one that would help CCH effectively disrupt the market again. To design that experience, we first thoroughly researched their clients and partners, then meticulously programmed CCH's role as advisors, collaborators, problem-solvers, expert craftspeople, and celebrators across their entire custom-home building process. Evaluating every client touchpoint through this progressive user-journey lens, we mapped out a full communications strategy for deploying each branded element, approach, or spirited conversation across each of their core user groups at each experience phase. To support this strategy, we also designed a full brand platform and messaging strategy whose standards include color and material palettes, written and visual guidelines, and associated collateral. As the clearest embodiment of their new brand, CCH's new website stands out from other custom-home builders' sites, expressing an approach that is both sophisticated and down-to-earth. The aim of Charter Custom Homes, as it was in 1983, is empowering homeowners and architects to fully understand and realize their vision, from first smile to final nail.




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