Photo of Aegis Woodinville

Photo of Aegis Woodinville

Photo of Aegis Woodinville

Photo of Aegis Woodinville

Aegis Woodinville

Senior Comfort in Wine Country

A suburb of Seattle, Woodinville is set in the heart of wine country. Inspired by local Washington state wine culture, this five-story assisted living and memory care senior community has been thoughtfully designed to promote wellness through the integration of natural elements and outdoor spaces. Within this chateaux-inspired building are 66 assisted living units, and 28 Memory Care units. Having partnered with Aegis Living on previous projects we knew that they would want something special for their senior residents in Woodinville. Lush landscaping surrounds the building and flows seamlessly into the interior. The architecture takes its cues from the traditional estate that are often found in the wine making regions of France. This beautiful five-story French countryside-style building welcomes residents and their families. Efforts were made to imbue the residents’ environment with an abundance of natural light and living greenery, encouraging their well-being and comfort. It is well established that nature is beneficial to overall health and happiness, and this notion was embraced as a key feature to the design. Elements of nature were implemented inside and out. Stone, wood, and stucco form the frameworks of the building, and with an abundance of natural light and foliage Aegis Woodinville is a tasteful residence for those in memory care.

Woodinville, Washington
  • 94 units
  • 5 stories
  • 121,285 sq. ft.

Senior Living


Architecture: Ryan Miyahira

Interiors: Dani Richardson

Architecture Story

Assisted Living and Memory Care Meets Old-World Vintner Chateaux

Informed by the agrarian history of Woodinville and the ties the region has to wine making, Aegis Woodinville is an elegant project reminiscent of old-world rural France. As with many agrarian developments, this building is designed to reflect the informality that the passage of time brings to a place. It has been rendered in stucco and rough stone, as if over time changes had been made, and topped with a simple mansard roof. There are stone volumes that house the main dining room and a skylit garden room. The play of the natural materials, plus the volumetric shifts between these elements further emphasizes that notion of building over time. Ivy has been planted to climb the walls. Grapevine trellises and green canopies guide visitors towards the main entrance. As your eye sweeps upward, the upper levels reveal two outdoor terraces – one with casual seating and one with a verdant strolling garden – providing residents with safe access to outdoor space. Windows on the third and fourth stories are dressed in louvered-style shutters, and on the fifth level there are arched dormers over the windows, walk-out balconies, as well as a tower-like structure that contains one of the resident suites. Along the main street is a multi-use plaza that provides access to the loading area, fashioned after large winery doors, alongside which is a space earmarked as a public area, that will provide a quiet planted garden space as well as small areas of seating and a playful water feature which come together to create a welcoming gateway to the city of Woodinville. Gardens surround the stone and stucco walls, and the glass-covered entryway is around the side of the building, off the main street. The front corner stonework and jutting modillions compliment large arched windows, which let in the precious PNW sunlight. The rear of the chateaux-inspired Senior Living is set back into the earth, and the second story becomes the ground floor. The windows overlook a residential neighborhood, juxtaposed to the busier frontage. An outlet in the wooden back fence, lined with trees and foliage grants access to the neighborhood. Below grade, structured parking is provided. Soft rustic finishes such as ivy-covered walls, white limestone, rough wood, and water features create a warm and inviting environment where residents can feel at home.