Photo of 9th and John

Photo of 9th and John

Photo of 9th and John

Photo of 9th and John

Photo of 9th and John

9th and John

An Urban Oasis in South Lake Union

Collaborating on a highly personal project that their own family would eventually occupy, the Pillar and Reel families sought to create a legacy property in the heart of Seattle: a high-rise tower that looks and feels like a custom home. Ankrom Moisan will bring this vision to life with a 28-story high-rise in Seattle’s lovely South Lake Union neighborhood. In a nod to the family’s logging background, and inspired by phototropism, the building turns to face the lush, forested views of Denny Park just across the street, much as a plant turns to face the sun.

Seattle, Washington
  • 278 units
  • 28 stories
  • 400,000 sq. ft.
  • Completed in 2024



Architecture: David Kelley

Architecture Story

Nature-Inspired Design in a Modern Tower

Our design for 9th and John reflects the biological principle of phototropism. As a tree grows up from a shrouded forest floor, rotating to seek light, the tower turns and steps as it rises from the heart of Seattle’s bustling South Lake Union neighborhood, maximizing units’ exposure to the sun. Staggered terraces at the tower’s upper floors branch out from West and South faces to provide views of adjacent, Denny Park, nearby Eliot Bay and the Space Needle. A podium on terrace level also gives park views to residents and their guests. Sustainable features integrate with the building’s design inspiration, transforming it into a greener living space. Each of the terraces support the project’s sustainability goals, housing storm water retention systems and native plantings. On the rooftop patios, fiber cement panels with imbedded, programmable LED lights gracefully solve the problem of typical rooftop mechanical screens and elevator overruns. Within the tower, each unit floorplan offers every resident a direct line of sight to a window from the moment of entry, connecting people closer to the surrounding nature. Targeting LEED Gold certification, our design also created 8,500 sq. ft. of accessible roof terraces. A three-story, stone-clad base with ground-level retail supports a 25-story curtain wall, with a south façade that faces Denny Park across the street.