Photo of 5th & Lenora

Photo of 5th & Lenora

Photo of 5th & Lenora

Photo of 5th & Lenora

Photo of 5th & Lenora

5th & Lenora

A Tower with a Twist

For this gorgeous 44-story residential high rise in Seattle’s Belltown, we researched sun exposure, views, and site adjacencies to learn how to draw sunlight deep within the lower levels of the building and maximize outdoor access, both from units and within the amenities. Our design concept manifests in this twisting tower that, straightening as it descends, transitions into a podium with 5,700 sq. ft. of engaging retail shops. Inside, a completely different design concept both reflects and transcends this multicultural neighborhood in this international city—a series of interior experiences that melds traditional expressions of pan-Asian arts and craft with vigorously modern expressions of urban life.

Seattle, Washington
  • 461 units
  • 44 stories
  • 647,774 sq. ft.
  • Completed in In Design



Architecture: David Kelley

Architecture Story

Bringing the Outside In

Based on an initial concept of integrating nature into this residential high rise, our design for Fifth and Lenora hinges on a unique form: a twisting profile that not only adds outdoor experiences and chances to enjoy nature, but floods the interior of the building with light. The tower gracefully turns as it rises from a series of terraces at its base. Coupled with the tower’s position toward the south side of the site, this overall effect brings sweeping views, sunlight, and fresh air deep within the lower levels of the project, drawing these natural elements inside the apartments and the amenities. Biophilic comfort is critical to our overall design. So are usable exterior spaces, especially on the roof, that offer outdoor greenspace to people in a way most urban high rises don't. Rather than brazenly standing out from Seattle’s skyline, Fifth and Lenora contributes to the neighborhood’s overall urban fabric; 5,700 SF of street-level businesses bring new life and activity to Belltown. Seen from the sidewalk, the tower form graciously leans down to street level, transitioning terrace by terrace to the full site space. Best experienced intimately, our design is about integrating, meeting people at their scale, and contributing to the neighborhood. Ironically, this ends up giving our design its strongly differentiated street presence.