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From small start-ups to ground-up campuses, our award-winning office designs are intuitive, adaptive, and inspirational environments that support an organization’s most important assets: talent and brand. We rigorously research operational needs, strategic user behavior, market position, and organizational culture to design what our clients need and employees want. By anticipating future operational and technology requirements, we boost productivity and wellness by creating innovative workplaces that encourage cultural values, collaboration, and adaptability and keep you ahead of the trends. We dream big and deliver excellence.

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OFFICE Project List

Confidently planted in the middle of downtown Portland, Buchalter’s Fox Tower office establishes the law firm at the cutting edge of legal office design. At a time when many businesses departed the downtown area, Buchalter decided to settle down and proudly make their mark on Portland in Fox Tower. Designed towards equitable access to light and the biophilic benefits of bringing the exterior inwards, expansive windows provide sweeping 360º views of the city and the surrounding Pacific Northwest beauty. Glimpses of Mount Hood, historic downtown Portland, and the forested West Hills in the distance provide the office with a unique identity and sense of location. The innovative use of retractable glass walls results in abundant natural light throughout the law firm, allows for flexible use of the space for events, and ensures the office is both open and versatile. Buchalter is firing on all cylinders, and their Portland firm is something different; pushing the envelope of corporate design, uncovering the blur between innovation and daring.