Apartment Living

Pivoting Priorities

We approach housing design as urban placemaking, with environmentally and culturally relevant solutions that meet residents' needs for comfort, security, versatility, and connectedness. In other words, everything that matters—especially now, as the world around us changes.

We set out to understand how living in an apartment through the pandemic is changing people's priorities. What types of apartments do we live in? How could they serve us better? How have our lives changed? What do we need most nowadays, and what can we live without?

Multi-Faceted Life

May 18, 2021

The future of amenities.

Apartment buildings are micro-neighborhoods, offering residents opportunities to connect to the community around them. And as individual unit sizes get smaller, people are looking more and more to a property's amenities to function as an extension of their home.

Download Multi-Faceted Life for three foundational elements to designing amenities with a thoughtful and deliberate strategy.

Adaptive Living

January 27, 2021

The world has changed.

There’s a new focus on the changing needs of residents in an evolving world. Future-ready units with practical and customizable features will increase in demand as renters seek a new way of living, one in which they have space to live, work, and thrive on their terms – and within their own homes.

Download Adaptive Living for a post-Covid world.

Leading the Evolving Market

November 11, 2020

How Covid-19 will be a catalyst for better living.

As people adapt to the shocks of the pandemic, multi-family communities are responding to the long-term shifts in residents’ daily lives.

Finding new ways to work and play, stay connected, and achieve balance are now essential and we are taking a look at how multifamily communities can adapt to meet the demand of current and future residents.

Download our lookbook on multifamily living in a post-Covid world.


November 11, 2020

Embracing the rapid adoption of remote work.

With the rapid acceptance of remote work, we are examining how residents' needs are changing in multifamily communities.

Building amenities in housing for different people with a variety of jobs will need to offer options and flexible spaces that can adapt to individual work needs.

Here are four distinct ways to support residents working from home now and looking towards the future.

Apartment Innovation

September 21, 2020

Design insights to evolve apartment design.

After interviewing hundreds of apartment residents, we distilled their responses and refined our observations into practical design insights.

Here are opportunities to evolve apartment design in a way that meets people's changing needs: by focusing on many sought-after features that designers often remove when pursuing value engineering.

Apartment Innovation

September 21, 2020

Results from our survey.

Our survey, conducted from May 28 through June 17, 2020, yielded over 400 responses and 1,635 written comments about apartment living today.

We've compiled our raw data into this research brief, a useful reference that supports our more refined design insights.

Design for Living: Mid-Rise

September 21, 2020

Placemaking at a human scale.

Download our inspiring 2020 lookbook on mid-rise living.

High-Rise Design

September 21, 2020

Encouraging the best of cities.

Download our latest lookbook on urban high-rise design.

Feasibility Studies

October 6, 2020

Starting where you are.

We conduct site feasibility studies for our clients, which are divided into three tiers. From Tier 1 to Tier 3, each tier deals with increasing amounts of information and concurrent time to prepare. Ask us how we can conduct a site feasibility study customized for you.

Download our Tier 2 Example to see what types of information are included in a Tier 2 package.