Ashlee Washington
Associate Principal
Balance requires constant maintenance in a world that is constantly moving and changing.
My Kindle - I read every night before bed.
Gardening. I love time outside and the repetitive, physical, aspect of tending garden is restorative.
From people, their stories, and their experiences. I am inspired by how others interact with the world around them.
A great cup of hot coffee, always. Preferably with a splash of milk and two cardamom pods. While I would love to sit and quietly sip at my steaming beverage for awhile, I usually am drinking it while getting two kiddos up, fed, and ready to start the day.
Ronda, Spain. My husband and I visited years ago, it was straight out of a story book. We were enamored with the culture of Plazas and the food.
Project Highlights

EvergreenHealth Family Maternity Center

Swedish Medical Center Ambulatory Infusion Clinic