Senior Communities Renovations

Uniquely positioned to serve the senior living market, Ankrom Moisan’s award-winning renovations team has a depth of experience and understanding of current trends that translates to impactful and enduring senior living communities. Our made-to-measure collaborative design approach encourages owners and developers to work alongside us to respond to the needs and desires of their residents.


From small projects to large renovations, we are eager to collaborate on all facets of design that lead to successful senior communities. Our expertise cannot be found anywhere else. Contact us.



Forging ongoing, cooperative relationships with our clients, Ankrom Moisan’s award-winning renovations team is uniquely positioned to serve the senior living market. Our depth of experience means that we know firsthand what design trends result in successful senior

housing projects. With an eye to the future, we internalize client goals and resident feedback to inform the one-of-a-kind designs that make senior communities our chosen path.

Why Designing Senior Community Renovations is Challenging & Impactful

Designing renovations for senior communities is no easy feat. While this project type comes with a unique set of challenges; when done well, it has a big impact on the quality of residents’ lives. AM’s Senior Renovations Team—Monika Araujo, Chris Ebert, Beth Rear, Mark Miller and Cindy Shaumberg—know this well. In this Q&A they explain what makes these projects special and what inspires them to do this work.

Repositioning Skilled Nursing Facilities to Adapt to a New Market

Skilled Nursing Facilities face numerous challenges in today’s evolving healthcare landscape with low occupancy levels and high operational costs not fully covered by reimbursements. By repositioning resident rooms, amenities, and caregiver operations, facilities can successfully adapt to the changing market and improve quality of life for all. Here are a few ways this can be done.



The senior community projects we create are uniquely positioned in their market. There is no simple cookie-cutter solution in our eyes. Whether it’s a renovation or a ground-up construction, we believe each senior living community has its own personality, and that it’s our job to highlight and celebrate that identity through elevated, refined interior design. Leaning on our research and expertise, we help owners and developers understand the current trends that are influencing the senior community market.

HCAI Made Easy(er)

HCAI can be an intimidating organization to work with. But it doesn’t need to be. Many simple projects can even be done without a building permit.

Senior housing can be complex, but our deep background in planning, programming, design, accessibility, and code translates to a team of experts that can effortlessly pivot directions to provide clients award-winning project designs. Years of relationship-building grants our renovations team a thorough understanding of the intricacies of constructing senior living communities, and the technical skills to bring a client’s vision to life. From small projects to large renovations, we are eager to provide an expert touch that cannot be found elsewhere, collaborating on repositioning, interior master-planning, spacing, FF&E, project management, and every other facet of design that contributes to impactful and enduring senior living communities.

Project Highlight: URC Davis

Driven by resident feedback and COVID health and safety concerns, URC Davis’s dining area was updated with a renewed focus on wellness, choice, and flexibility. Challenged to create two dining venues where there once was one, the design team developed two distinct spaces, each with their own uniquely branded experience.


The casual á la carte dining “Marketplace” and the more traditional, sit-down “Orchard” dining experience provide residents of URC Davis with the luxury of choice. The “Marketplace” – which used to be a self-serve buffet – now has a light, bright, open kitchen with chef attendants to directly serve residents, and is very popular for its convenience and health-oriented food options. “The Orchard,” on the other hand, enhances a modern steakhouse aesthetic by incorporating saturated colors, organic patterns, and new lighting fixtures to soften the architecture of the space, revitalize the mood, and create varied, intimate seating options.


Since the two dining options are connected by a common space, there is an abundance of overflow seating for either section, enabling residents to sit and socialize with their friends while they eat, even if they order from different kitchens.

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