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Approachable and enduring.

For over three decades, we've excelled in designing innovative housing that balances creative, optimistic approaches with robust technical solutions. Our scale and reach across the entire West Coast gives us the clout and experience to create responsive, diverse, and future-focused projects. Nowhere else does our project expertise shine brighter than with podium apartments. Mixed‑use opportunities that deliver both variety and density—with materials driven by new technologies, production times, cost, and fundamental changes to building code—our podium projects are timeless yet individual, extremely capable, and beautiful expressions in design.

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HOUSING/Mid-Rise Project List

Where northeast Bellevue meets Redmond, Washington, on a site with ready access to outdoor recreation and both cities’ downtowns, we transformed a low-rise commercial center into a high-density neighborhood we ourselves would love to live in. And we did this at a large scale, designing four separate midrise apartments, 618 luxury units in all, that manage to feel close-knit and deeply approachable. Our design concept is all about drawing people in. Four bracket-shaped buildings cup inner courtyards like two pairs of hands, with a walking path meandering through the heart of the entire site. Enveloped by each pair of buildings, two cedar-and-brick amenity pavilions—one for wellness and leasing; the other, for meeting and lounging—pull visitors in from the beautifully landscaped roundabout at the quad’s center. This sense of arrival, of intimate scales and communal, car-free outdoor rooms, are key elements that make Hyde Square far more than four apartment buildings. We turned a blank slate built around cars into a brand-new place made for people.