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Innovative, attainable housing that endures.

Truly affordable housing projects bring lasting investment value—to our development partners and our cities, now and tomorrow—and abiding social benefits to the people and families who live in them. Our beautiful and energy-efficient housing is filled with practical amenities, attractive and long-lasting materials, and most importantly, warmth, vibrancy, and life. Everyone deserves a home that connects them to their neighbors, friends, and family. Everyone deserves the chance to feel safe and proud of where they live. Our affordable housing makes these hopes real.

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HOUSING/Affordable Housing Project List

Beautiful and affordable housing is so rare, yet so necessary. In Portland’s Riverplace district, the Vera proves that both are possible. Developed through a visionary collaboration and honoring the spirit of Vera Katz—Portland’s beloved former mayor and the first female Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives who fought for stronger communities through civic revitalization—the 13-story affordable apartment building weaves together onsite job training and education, contemporary unit designs, and some of Portland’s best waterfront views. Despite unprecedented pricing escalation in the local housing market, the Vera was developed on schedule with precise design details and team collaboration. A unique collaboration among BRIDGE Housing, Portland Housing Commission, Portland Housing Bureau, and Williams/Dame & Associates made the Vera feasible. An open, integrated relationship between Hoffman Construction and Ankrom Moisan’s teams made it real. Our vision, that dignified housing is a basic human right, makes it magic.