HEALTHCARE / Outpatient

Health and hospitality.

We focus on designing welcoming and holistic spaces for patients, visitors, and staff in a broad range of services, from primary care to diagnostics to ambulatory infusion treatment. Delivering highly collaborative projects and innovative brand standards that balance the efficient workflow of staff with the patient experience.


HEALTHCARE/Outpatient Project List

Our fourth clinic collaboration with Vera Whole Health in Spokane, Washington, Vera 613 Washington reinforces the client’s signature upscale, efficient model of caring for patients’ holistic wellness. We carried through the hospitality-inspired design standards established for our first Vera Whole Health project—Vera Country Homes—guaranteeing visitors will receive the same high-end, inviting experience at every office. As Vera Whole Health’s architecture and design partner, our healthcare team also used this series of projects as an opportunity to review their brand standards and real-life functionality of our designs, to make the next clinic even more well-organized. Every element of a Vera Whole Health project is carefully planned. We develop everything from the interior details like lighting and wall décor, to the equipment implementation package that determines each medical device’s location in the space to support smooth workflows. Unique to this clinic is the implementation of an On-Stage/Off-Stage design that improves provider and patient experiences. Supported by our thoughtful programming, everyone who offers or seeks healthcare at Vera 613 Washington should feel welcomed, connected, encouraged to collaborate, and inspired to take charge of their personal or their patients’ wellbeing.