Social anchors.

Civic spaces, from fire stations to plazas, are the foundation of healthy communities. We navigate documentation and regulations with a round-table approach, and inspire participation to design inclusively. The resulting societal pillar is contextual, functional, and beautiful—now and for generations.

"There's nothing like doing arts for a community, especially a small community—it brings people together in a way nothing else will. This is a long time coming for Sherwood. " -Maggie Chapin, Former Sherwood Center for the Arts Manager Sherwood’s significant growth in recent years has led to a multi-million-dollar investment in Old Town, the town’s historic center. Our team first delivered a master plan for a 6-acre parcel that expanded Old Town and created the Sherwood Cannery Square PUD, including an architectural pattern book to guide future developments. The Arts Center was the next step in aiding the community in their family-oriented, forward-thinking approach. Inspired by Sherwood’s commitment to make Old Town a success, we designed a new mixed-use community arts center to gather the people of Sherwood together in celebration of the arts and life’s milestone moments. The 16,000 sq. ft., multi-purpose venue integrates Old Town context, but also presents a fresh, modern take on a masonry civic structure. The Sherwood Center for the Arts sets the stage for all future commercial and residential developments in the area.