Photo of Sixth and Jackson

Photo of Sixth and Jackson

Photo of Sixth and Jackson

Photo of Sixth and Jackson

Sixth and Jackson

A Community Hub in San Jose

An underutilized, city-owned parking lot for decades, a site at the north end of San Jose’s Japantown will soon be a bustling center of life and activity. Our plan combines housing and retail with open, public areas for the residents, neighbors, and guests to celebrate, shop, and connect to one another. It’s an extension of Japantown’s energetic commercial hub that brings the new and existing communities together.

San Jose, California
  • 518 units
  • 6 stories
  • 808,130 sq. ft.
  • Completed in 2021



Architecture: Travis Throckmorton

Architecture Story

Contrast and Community Character

Sixth and Jackson is the first ripple in a wave of transformation in the Japantown area. Like the spin of a pinwheel, two sister buildings bring new discoveries at every turn. The 518-unit apartment community share access to amenities tailored to the idyllic San Jose weather. Each building is a unique response to the surrounding neighborhood context and features energy-efficient photovoltaic panels, stormwater collection, and floodproofing design. The South building is the place to relax, exercise, and unwind with a pool, bar/lounge, and a large projection wall for outdoor movies. Located directly across from the historic Japantown building, its character complements the historic scale of the building. The North building’s smaller wood and brick elements bring a human scale to its retail corner. Decorative screens and a woven pattern of contrasting materials create a visually striking design. Its east side is soundproofed to reduce the noise from the adjacent train. Soon, a new community park will become the heart of the multi-block development, an active center that supports a new generation of creators and leaders.