Michael Lama
“Prepare for rain” is a Zen proverb that means prepare for the worst. Whether backcountry backpacking or multicounty Euro-tripping, I’ve learned to always have a backup plan. It’s a phrase that is equally applicable to building in the Northwest and captures our firm’s attitude towards detailing, building science, and construction.
Dark chocolate. It’s my greatest vice.
Vancouver Canada! I’m constantly in awe of their approach to urbanism, cycling infrastructure, and stunning natural setting.
I always say growing up in Chicago made me in architect. Growing up surrounded by the works of Wright, Mies, and Sullivan, I’ve been obsessed with architecture and design since the first grade.
When I’m not at my desk, you can find me on backroads cycling trips, backcountry trails, or in the backyard tending to my garden.
I’m a Superhost! I’ve hosted hundreds of travelers from across the country and around the world. I love sharing my favorite parts of Seattle with guests and helping them have unforgettable visits to the Northwest.